Primary Services

Commute charges not included

Standard Consultations: $100 for the hour, $60 for the half hour*

Consultations include: basic training and manners, prepping for a new animal, multi-animal household, prepping animals for children/infants/etc, therapy prep, cgc prep, reactivity/”aggression”, resource guarding, confidence building, managing phobias, potty training & trouble shooting, barking & other ocd & nuisance behaviors,

Walk & Train: $90 for the hour, $50 for the half hour*

W&T’s Include: Working one-on-one without guardians present. W&T’s are reserved for animals that need an additional read due to behavior stemming directly from guardians, or when an animal needs to build reliability and confidence in more varied situations.

It is suggested that unless your pet suffers anxiety, that a full hour is used per consult. Half hour consults rarely cover the full spectrum of needs of the client and animal, and will cause issues in the training. Time taken for consult will be at Mantra Pet’s discretion.

*First assessment consult is always 1 hour.

Secondary Services

Enrichment/Acclimations for reactive animals: $1/minute (minimum of 20 minutes)

Additional Handler: $20 per hour

E/A’s Include: Acclimating an animal to Ty’s presence to maximize training and minimize phobic/reactive responses or any other negative behaviors associated with over conditioning

Oversight Consulting (for businesses): request a quote

OC Includes: Behavioral analysis and mapping, structure and design blue printing, company plan-of-action conferences, etc

Additional Discounts

Discounts expire after 1 month

Recommend a Friend!: If a new client signs up per your recommendation, receive $10 off next session

(new client must complete first session before discount is used, pro bono clients are exempted)

Leave a Review!: Leave us a favorable review on our Google or Facebook listing, get $5 off

prices as of 2/2019