Tyber "Ty" Sky Lentuk Murphy (English pronouns: they/them) (Post CPDT-KA, Pre IAABC, CGC) is a nonbinary/trans* Mi'kmaq/Micmac indigenous mix who has been involved in animal behavioral studies and behavioral sciences for 20 years. Starting as both that annoying kid on the block that wanted to pet sit and train everyone's pets (and did, starting at around 13 or 14) and an early avid devourer of books on behavioral sciences and decolonization due to their own cultural and mental/emotional intersectionality, Ty always found themselves balancing life between rehabilitating animals and people, and pursuing their life through art.

After decades as a dog walker, animal care technician, running boarding facilities, training, rehabilitating, and just following their path through life, Ty lived for about 7 years in Richmond, Va, where a handful of those years were dedicated as a trainer and behavioral specialist for the Richmond SPCA. There they handled thousands of animals, taught classes, and eventually moved back into freelance so they could focus their time and energy on their terms to keeping more animals out of shelters, and creating better bonds in homes, while continuing to focus on their overall goal of a society more aware of how animals actually prefer to be treated, be it pets, livestock, or non-domesticated animals.

Having teamed up with their life partner (going on a decade now!) some time back in these shared goals, Mantra Pet actualized itself in 2016 through a lot of hard work, struggle, and love. 

Today, Ty lives in (and is madly in love with) Jersey City, and is as active as possible in both the animal community, as well as the queer, arts, decolonization and other resistance work communities. Somehow they still try to find time for their countless other hobbies, many of which their own pups (Mudra and Bowie) and kitties (Divine, Pan, Liam) enjoy watching in their home in Bergen Lafayette.

Currently, Ty has chosen to leave the CPDT (differences of opinion in disability ethics) and gain their IAABC certifications, someday possibly looking at the path of Veterinary Behavioralist.