Mantra Pet seeks to empower humans in understanding and "speaking" to their companion and working animals. By doing so we repair broken bonds, rebuild bridges, and prepare the animals we share our lives with to be confident, happy, and tolerant in everyday life. This is the microcosm, the macrocosmic mirror is that these lessons in anti-opressive communication will allow humans to regain respect for one another, and dismantle the oppression of bigotry that plagues our species.

From animals recovering from severe phobias or the emotional damage of long term medical issues, to prep work for therapy/support/service animals looking to spread some joy and support into the world, to that new bundle of life you're just bringing into your home to just be your pal (from infant to adult animals), or just needing help in picking the right one for you.

Our hope is to bring this ability to homes and owners who can not afford it and to shelters in need by combining the generosity of animals lovers, and to work towards the goal that for every paying client, another animal with affordable behavioral needs will be helped via free classes, consults, seminars, apprenticeship opportunities for new trainers, free behavior consulting for select daycares and veterinary services, and more.

Press Releases for Mantra Pet

2015: ABC Channel 8 Richmond for Ty's work with cats at the Richmond SPCA