In addition to our private clients, Mantra Pet also happily offers to volunteer our services to any local or nearby shelters and animal rescue organizations in need of assistance.

With Ty Murphy being post CPDT-KA, Pre IAABC, and CGC certified, we can offer a valuable service for shelters who might not otherwise get the help they need training hard to manage shelter pets. Ty specializes in working with reactive, fearful, and high anxiety dogs -and- cats and has years worth of experience working in shelters, as well as privately.

If you are working at a shelter or rescue in need, we can provide:

  • Behavior and training assistance for dogs, cats, birds, and other shelter/foster animals.
  • Free classes for the public to help keep newly adopted shelter animals in their homes, classes or lectures about animal behavior and handling for staff/volunteers/the public, and other educational opportunities.
  • Dog walks or enrichment for cats and other animals.
  • Photography of shelter pets and/or events to help boost shelter animal visibility, as available from Ian Murphy.

We can provide all of these services for shelters and animal rescues for no or low cost.

If you are working for another pet-centric business or are otherwise interested in our services in a commercial sense, please feel free to contact us and negotiate a quote.

If you are a working for a shelter, rescue, or other business, you can contact Ty at mantrapet[at] to discuss how we can help you with any behavior and training needs, or you can contact Ian at mantrapetphotography[at] for any photography related questions.