There are a variety of ways that we hope to help you at Mantra Pet. Here are a few descriptions of the services that we currently offer. Please contact us for a price quote, and to set up your preliminary Game Plan consult, in which we will formulate a consult schedule best suited to you.

If you are outside of our service area, need consults during times where we are normally unavailable, or need a consult scheduled with less than 48 hours notice, or cancel a scheduled consult with less than 24 hours notice given, additional fees will apply.

Financial aid and payment plans available to those suffering financial hardship on a case-by-case basis.

Scheduling for all services is limited so we ask that you contact us in advance to reserve a slot!

We accept payment via credit card or cash.


Private Consultations & Training Sessions

Private consultations and training sessions are the primary focus of Mantra Pet. These sessions can take place in or out of the home and are for both pet and owner together. 30 and 60 minute sessions are available.

Behavior and training sessions are a prime choice for those looking for assistance with basic manners and trouble-shooting and behavioral aid for greater issues canines, felines, small animals, birds, and more! Some examples (but not limited to) would be canine behavioral problems (such as house training issues, being impolite with guests, food and resource guarding, phobias and reactivity, "aggression" and "alpha" behavior, separation anxiety, etc.), feline behavioral problems (such as litter-box and inappropriate urination issues, inappropriate scratching, fearfulness, trouble at the vet, acclimating ferals, acclimation to multiple animal households, etc.), managing hyperactivity, and more.

Private skype consultations are also available for owners with conflicting schedules or those outside of our service area but may not give as accurate a reading on your dogs behavior (unless we are able to monitor them directly).


"Catification" Consulting & Design

New baby coming into the home? Multicat troubles? Dog just won't let kitty be? Just want your feline pal to be happier? Catification is good for every cat, and not as daunting as it seems

Catification projects are actually a lot of fun, and should not only match your aesthetic, but at Mantra we believe it should further liven up your home! Working with companies directly through, Ty will talk design, set up, and help you order what you need. For certain projects that need an additional handyman's help, Ty will make the time to oversee the project and make sure it goes right.


Walk & Train Sessions

Walk and train sessions are another integral part of Mantra Pet. These sessions take place out of the home (walking in the local neighborhood or park) and are intended for canines only (please contact if you have any questions in this regard). 30 and 60 minute sessions are available.

These sessions are an ideal choice for owners with a busy lifestyle that are looking for some additional help with training but have limited time available to set up private consults. Dog owners have the choice of whether they would like us to focus on general manners (sit, down, wait, leave it, loose leash walking, etc.), leash reactivity* and calm dog protocol, and CGC and/or therapy prep work.

Sessions are available as individual walks only (dogs cannot be paired) to allow each pet to get the maximum amount of benefit from each training session. This allows the dogs to have less distraction and a better chance to succeed. The dog owner(s) will also be required to have 1-2 private consults a month in conjunction with walk & train sessions to help ensure that the dog's training remain consistent with both owners and trainer).

As a dog "graduates" from walk and trains, we will also work with your own personal dog-walker to make for a smooth transition! Rare cases in which a dog can not graduate/transfer to another walker (severe phobic and special needs dogs, etc) will be handled on a case by case basis. 

* Walk and train sessions are available for leash reactive dogs on a case-by-case basis and may require prior behavior consults and/or additional training equipment to ensure the safety of the dog, trainer, and public.


Enrichment Sessions

The primary purpose of enrichment sessions is to provide pets with anxiety or special needs with additional attention. These sessions take place in the home and are available for any animal but are especially useful for shy canines and felines. These sessions are often 15-30 minutes.

During enrichment sessions, the trainer will either engage in relaxed play (with pets that allow it) or will display calming signals to help the pet feel at ease. This can help anxious or feral pets acclimate to new guests in the home and is useful for dogs that are initially too shy to be walked.