Have questions about the process of setting up a session or other details about our pet portraits?

Hopefully this FAQ can answer your questions! If not, feel free to email mantrapetphotography@gmail.com or you can ask your questions on the photo session reservation form. 


What is the process for reserving a session?

Before scheduling, we ask that you fill out our reservation form. After reviewing the information you provide, we will contact you to schedule an initial meeting (in public or your home) as well as picking the date and time for your pet's first session. 

During our first meeting, we will : 

  • Provide various print examples to determine which package will work best for you

  • Discuss your pet(s) personality (what they like, what they don't, and what we're looking to capture)

  • Discuss any additional questions or concerns you may have (regarding pet behavior, further details regarding process, etc.)

  • Discuss the full terms of service and payment.

My pet is shy, scared, or has another behavior issue that may make photos difficult. Is this something you can work with?

Our number one concern is making sure your pet is as comfortable as possible for their photo session. Here are a few ways we can work with your anxious pets: 

  • Flash-free photography (our preferred method). Whether shooting outdoors, fixed lighting, or low light, we can work together to find a method that suits your pet.

  • Handling and acclimation sessions with Ty of Mantra Pet. The perk of a trainer assisting in sessions is the ability to work with shy or scared pets until they have acclimated to to the photographer/camera. Acclimation sessions are an additional cost and should be discussed prior to your session to strengthen the likelihood of success with scared and shy pets.

If your pet has any other behavior issue, please feel free to elaborate on the reservation form or during your initial meeting. If Ty or Ian feel your pet is too uncomfortable to photograph, we will either cancel or reschedule your session after discussing what additional options (if any) are available.  

How, if at all, Will you use the photos of my pet(s)?

We may, from time to time, use client photos for portfolio or promotional purposes. The client may choose to have their pet's information included or withheld from image captions.

Image use for stock photography, book collections, contests, etc. will be discussed during the initial meeting. 

What is the difference between COmmercial and Private Use photos and why don't you list commercial prices?

Commercial use photos are primarily for businesses (small or large), using the images for advertising or promoting a business/product, using the image on a product, etc. There are many variables that may alter the price and rights of use for a commercially commissioned photo. For this reason, it is best to negotiate and tailor business terms for each individual commercial contract. 

Private use photos are designated for the personal (not professional) use of the client and may not be altered, sold, or replicated (the exception to replication being the post processed images given for a digital only session) without the permission of the photographer. 


How do I know whether I am eligible for a discount?

You may qualify for a discount if:

  • You have been active as a Mantra Pet client in the last 60 days (10% discount)

  • You are a pet foster parent or rescue using photos to help adopt out dogs/cats (Pay per print only or no charge - subject to photographer's availability)

  • Keep an eye out for promotions or sales, we will usually list them on the Mantra Pet main page!