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What a busy year!

Buttons 2017

Buttons 2017

Hello folks!

Now that Ty and I have had some time to settle into beautiful Jersey City, we're hoping to bring you more site updates in the upcoming weeks. 

While we refine a few new articles to post, here are a few exciting things we would like to share with you:

  • Hound About Town and Mantra Pet are working together to assemble community pack walks every other week this summer! Our first pack walk had a great turnout and we look forward to seeing more of you there in the future. Keep an eye out for flyers posted at Hound About Town as well as on our event page!
  • Ian is now open to booking new clients for pet photography. We are offering a 10% discount on any photo packages (and an additional 10% off for active Mantra Pet training clients) booked before September 2017!
  • Ty has dusted off our instagram to start posting photos and short videos of client pups during their training sessions, if you haven't already, follow mantra_pet on instagram for more cute updates! :)
  • In the upcoming weeks, we plan to launch a monthly online newsletter! The newsletter will have updates regarding any local events on our radar, answers to frequently asked questions, a review/advice column ("written" by our fluffy friends), and more. We will be sending out an email to current clients as well as adding a button to the front page to subscribe to the mailing list once we've started!

We are so excited to be bringing you more content and look forward to updating you again soon!

Ian & Ty