A quick update!

Hello folks!

Ty and I are still on the hunt for an apartment that would be suitable for us and the pets in the NY/NJ area but we haven't found the right fit as of yet. We'll be making another trip to the NY area this week and with some luck will sign a lease so that we can move in by July 1st (At this point, we're packed and ready to go and are staying with a friend. ). 

Until then, Ty will continue to be available for consults in the Richmond, VA area for those of you with interest. I will also be available for pet portraits as well. :)

We also wanted to say thank you to all who have donated so far to the Mantra Pet GoFundMe , without your help it would've taken much longer to get our website, business cards, and more. We are so thankful for the help we've received from friends, family, and clients and look forward to continuing to give back and help those in need.

We hope to have good news in our future updates regarding the move and look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

Wishing you all the best, 

Ian & Ty