In An Awesome Wave

It has only been four days, and in that time I have met so many people that already have made me feel that not only have Ian and I done the right thing by going through the "two-month move of terror" as I now call it (or hellmove when I'm really needing a laugh), but that this was meant to be.

My SCORE mentor Sue Melamud is a dream, I can already say I can't adore her enough. She was just the additional confidence booster I needed. Talk about positive reinforcement! Next week we head into the SBA offices and paperwork continues rolling.

Ian and I hit up both Hound About Town locations on Wednesday (I actually had to check my calendar to be sure of what day it was - it's been that full of a half-week!) and got our furkids their bags of food, and started chatting about getting in on the Force-Free Trade initiative, where owners can trade in their prongs, shocks, chokes, and other equipment for more humane and reliable means (Freedom harnesses, Gentle Leaders, etc). Next week we'll be sitting down and getting things rolling!

Thursday I met with Jeff and Steve of Club Barks and toured the daycare/boarding facility, talked classes and major donation event opportunities to give back to the community, and was invited to Dog Days of Summer down by Zepplin Hall. Ian and I will be there tomorrow talking to people in the community, meeting ups and their people, and likely enjoying plenty of photography from Ian later!

Just as I thought the week couldn't get any more full of meeting some fantastic people, I was contacted by Mary Ann at Downtown Dog Walk (who was on my email list to contact Saturday or Sunday - she beat me to it! I love it!) and we had a fantastic talk on the phone. Can't wait to sit down in people and trade stories and ideas.

And to top it all off, our google listing launched just an hour ago. I know my clients back in RVA are waiting in the wings to give their reviews, and any excuse to talk to them about life in general is an excuse I take, so they'll be hearing from me bright and early tomorrow morning.


On a totally separate note, expect pictures soon of Mudra in his TokiDoki travel bag, which I picked up today showing a friend around Chinatown. He's already pretty hyped to get rolling on the Lightrail, but I as usual want to make sure he's truly comfy before we take our first trip. That said, I think between his stepping into the bag and giving my the "let's work!" eye and the fussy face I received when the bag was put away (hey, training time was over!) means I might need to take my minimutt down to Liberty Park and Paul's Hook for long-line recalls, freestyle, and settle work a little sooner than planned!

Thanks for being amazing, Jersey City. I'm pretty sure I'm already in love with the place.