Reaching Out

With the apartment unpacked and the myriad of things finally in place that come with getting a new apartment situated, I was able to finally sit down this morning and start contacting people in the area (beyond just Liberty Humane) to start networking with.

I was looking forward to networking most of all with Jenna Teti, but was taken by surprise that she's headed out to Colorado! Seems the past few months is a whole lot of passing others while they do their own major life changes (behaviorist Hannah Mercurio in RVA who was once a LI resident being another example). None the less, I sent a good-luck and networking email her way, and the morning was spent full steam ahead on contacting shops, rescues, daycares, and the like to start getting to know everyone here in Jersey City and in NYC (I can never get called under-zealous, can I?).

Like everything else, this networking is another reminder to remember to be mindful of my own limits. Emails get spread out to minimize the typing and keep my arms healthy, and exercise about town (walking and arm exercises) is constant while remaining respectful of the heat. I can't wait to get the boys out to Berry Park and Liberty Park to get their own fun work in (long line recalls, freestyle, settling, etc), but hopefully, next week will be cooler.

Mudra is already walking along the Light Rail platforms with no issue, and soon he'll be learning to hop in a bag to wander the city with me. Brings back memories of Chen back in the day and how much he loved the 6 train and the L in NYC

Emails from clients & friends back in RVA are a nice morning reminder, but always have a tinge of sadness as everyone adjusts to the transitions of my not being there to help out. My hope is things will smooth over quickly, and any ripples in the water will make for great changes for everybody.