What a Month!

It's been a month since my last update, and during that time we've moved in, set up the house, and started to get the boys adjusted. As things finally fall into place here with Mantra Pet in Jersey City, updates will become far more frequent.

As of the 25th, I'll be attending orientation at Liberty Humane Society to begin donating volunteer hours to the shelter. My hope is to be able to lend them my services as much as I'm capable, with a minimum of 2-5 hours a week, if not more if the Sponsor a Pet idea gets off the ground! Only time will tell.

Beyond that, it's all kinds of paperwork time. I'll be meeting with my SCORE mentor on Weds to help me get this business rolling, our Google Maps listing has it's verification code in the mail (will take a week or so to get to me), and I'm researching LGBTQ owned small business grants and the like.

But enough about set up - our next post will get us back on track with talking reactivity and phobias!