If you are interested in becoming a Mantra Pet client, please take a few moments to fill out this form and give us a little more information about you and your pet(s). The more information you are able to provide, the better we will be able to assist you!

Before we schedule any services, we will require an up-to-date copy of your pet's distemper and rabies vaccination records. We will also require an initial consult to go over new client paperwork (expanding on the information provided in this application), meeting and assessing your pet, explaining to you our training methods and procedures, and to discuss the best options for you and your pet(s).

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If pet portraits are one of the services you are interested in, we can show examples of the basic prints we offer during the initial behavior consult. If you are only looking to schedule a photo session or would like to see some of the specialty prints we offer, please book through our photo page (found in the navigation at the top of this page). Thanks!
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One of Mantra Pet's primary goals is to offer discounted services to pets and owners in need (helping to keep pets out of shelters and with their families) as well as free or borrowed training gear but we largely rely on client generosity to provide this service. If you'd like to sponsor a pet in need or you would like to provide us with new or lightly used training equipment, please let us know below.
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Helpful Information
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Please check off all training and walking equipment that you use. While we strongly discourage some of the training equipment listed, we understand that owners and pets may need additional assistance acclimating to equipment that minimizes or eradicates the pet's anxiety or discomfort.