About Ian


Ian is a queer photographer and artist that has always had a passion for working with animals. Ty's partner (going on ten years in 2018), the two pride themselves in their shared work ethic, views on training and behavior, and their ability to work harmoniously with one another.



Since 2007, Ian has dedicated much of his time to both volunteering and working with animals, whether working at dog daycare, walking dogs (or caring for cats), volunteering as a trainer for the Richmond SPCA "green team", assisting with training classes, working as an admissions counselor (counseling owners, behavior assessing dogs and cats, medical handling, etc.), happily greeting pups that visit Hound About Town, and more. Although compassion fatigue has led him to take a hiatus from working in shelters, animal rescue is something very near and dear to his heart. To this day, although it has evolved over time, he still plans to follow through on his childhood dream of having a small scale wildlife sanctuary (and possibly a retreat center for people and their pets). 

Ian's contribution to Mantra Pet can be seen through his maintenance of the Mantra Pet website where he has written a portion of the content, provided all photographs displayed on the site (aside from most of the Mantra-Pet Instagram or otherwise stated), as well as the design of our current and future business cards, flyers, and other promotional material. 

Photographing pets for shelters, daycares, and private clients alike, Ian has found that pet portraits are a wonderful way to combine two of the things he loves most. 

In addition to maintaining the website, Ian also provides services such as:

  • Photographing pets (and the occasional illustrated portrait) for private clients

  • Commercial photography and graphic design for local businesses

  • Pro-bono or low cost photos of rescue and shelter pets

For more information and inquiries, take a look at our photography FAQ and price guide (buttons located below or in the navigation above). Ian can also be reached through the contact information below.



Phone: 347-724-5449 (please allow at least 24 hours for response)
E-Mail: Mantrapetphotography@gmail.com


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